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From monks to söderhipsters

Morning jogg - in english

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  • Tors 17/08 80.0–93.0 Walks
  • Fre 18/08 08.00–09.30 Walks
  • Lör 19/08 08.00–09.30 Walks

Touch down in Stockholm’s cultural history with this jogging tour from the middle ages to today. Jog at a relaxed pace, 7-8 mins per km, for 7.5 km, stopping at a few interesting sites where you’ll find out all about Stockholm and its 750 years of history. You’ll hear about everything from nuns and monks to manual labourers and the modern phenomenon of söderhipsters!

OBS: vandringen hålls på engelska. 

To participate in the tour, you need a ticket. Tickets are being sold at the Medieval Museum, located at Strömparterren, from Saturday 12 August. Tickets cost 30 SEK each. The adress for the starting point of the jogging tour is specified on the ticket. Opening hours for tickes sales:

Saturday 12 august at 12.00–17.00
Sunday 13 august at 12.00–17.00
Monday 14 august at 12.00–17.00 (museum is closed)
Tuesday 15 august at 11.30–19.00
Wednesday 16 august at 11.30–20.00
Thursday 17 august at 11.30–19.00
Friday 18 august at 11.30–19.00
Saturday 19 august at 11.30–19.00
Sunday 20 august at 11.30–17.00




Guide: Jonas Hållén

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