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It is with great pleasure that we welcome you back to Stockholm Culture Festival, the city’s largest culture festival. This year you can expect a wide range of cultural experiences from around the world, new, modern and sometimes unexpected. The festival will be held 17-21 August and the admission is free.

For five days in August, we offer musical acts, activities, performances and wonderful hangouts in six festival areas: Sergels torg, Kungsträdgården, Karl XII:s torg, Skeppsbron, Norrbro and Gustav Adolfs torg.

Among this year’s news, the family program is moving to a bigger area, Kungsträdgården. We also present a new festival youth program, UNG Kulturfestival and an expanded food and drink area on Norrbro.

Stockholm Culture Festival is organized by the City of Stockholm.

You can reach us at: kulturfestivalen@stockholm.se

Don’t miss out on Stockholm Culture Festival, the city’s largest cultural festival!


Stockholm Culture Festival takes place in the city center and consists of six festival areas: Sergels torg, Kungsträdgården, Karl XII: s torg, Gustav Adolfs torg, Norrbro and Skeppsbron.

Sergels torg

Sergels torg is the main area of the festival’s youth program UNG. Pssst! There are more festival activities for young people all over the festival. Keep an eye out for the UNG label!


Kungsträdgården is the festival’s family area where you can experience cultural activities for children and families. The two stages in the park and a third at Karl XII’s square are filled with circus, dance music and theater. In the tent halls by the pond, you can do arts and crafts, create and try out new exciting things such as real plate armor. For those of you who want some peace and quiet you can visit the cozy Bokbussen (The Book bus).

Karl XII: s torg

Karl XII’s torg is located in the southern part of Kungsträdgården. The daytime stage is dedicated to family activities with everything from baby dancing to theater. In the afternoons you can participate in workshops and perhaps learn something new. When the sun starts to set, we dance into the night together.

Gustav Adolfs torg

The festival’s largest stage is located at Gustav Adolfs torg with the magnificent Royal Opera as its backdrop. Here you will experience spectacular concerts with an incredible line-up, day and night.


Norrbro is a bridge located between the Royal Palace and Gustav Adolfs torg, and this year’s expanded food and drink area. Norrbro will be filled with a range of delicious food and drink and is definitely the place to go to satisfy your hunger and thirst.


Skeppsbron is a picturesque quay and street near the Royal Palace and the place where you find the second largest stage of the festival. Here you will enjoy jazz, rap, world music and everything in between. Expect exciting meetings and a wonderful festival hangout by the water.


Stockholm Culture Festival is an annual festival in the city center organized by the City of Stockholm. The admission is free.

The five-day festival is planned a year in advance and usually has over one million visits (2019: 1.2 million). Putting together the program takes a lot of planning as well as building the large festival areas in the middle of the city. Once the festival kicks off, several hundred people work with everything from security to digital communication and on-site service.

This year´s festival has an integrated concept for youths called UNG Kulturfestival. You will find all activites for youths under the hashtag #ungkulturfestivalsthlm.

The festival takes place on the 17th – 21st of August and contains a wide range of cultural experiences for everyone.


The first festival called Under konstruktion was arranged in 2005. Since then, the festival has returned every year with the exception of the years 2020 and 2021 when it was cancelled due to the pandemic. Instead, alternative cultural programs were offered. Over the years, the festival has taken place in different areas in Stockholm city such as Sergels torg, Brunkebergs torg, Gustav Adolfs torg, Norrbro, Karl den Xll:s torg, Strömgatan, and in the water by Strömmen and Strömparterren.


Who is organizing Stockholm Culture Festival?

The City of Stockholm is the organizer of the festival. The events department at the Cultural Administration is arranging the festival.

When will Stockholm Culture Festival 2022 take place?

Wednesday, August 17th to Sunday, August 21st.

Does it cost anything to attend the festival?

The entry to Stockholm Culture Festival is free of charge.

How do I contact the festival?

You can reach us by email: kulturfestivalen@stockholm.se

I want to perform at the festival, who do I contact?

This year’s program is already set, but if you´re interested in performing at future festivals you can send an email to kulturfestivalen@stockholm.se  Your suggestion will then be processed by the festival’s program group and if it’s interesting to us you will be contacted by a producer.

What can I expect at the festival and where is it located?

Stockholm Culture Festival takes place in six different areas in the city centre: 

Sergels torg – the main area for UNG

Kungsträdgården – the family area

Karl XII’s torg– the festival’s oasis with activities for the family during the day and a dance floor in the evening

Skeppsbron – the festival’s second largest music stage with concerts day and night

Norrbro – the festival’s food and drink area

Gustav Adolfs Torg – the festival’s largest stage with a line-up of great artists

Where can I find the festival program?

The program will be released on the festival website. Until then you´ll find news, updates and information in our social media.

What time does the festival open?

The festival areas open every day at 12.00 pm and closes at different times depending on the program and area.

Will the youth have their own festival area as in previous years?

The main area for UNG is Sergels torg, but festival activities for young people will be presented in all areas of the festival.