Sergels torg

Sergels torg is the main area for the festival's youth program UNG. Here you can try sports, create art and music and much more. There will also be activities for young people in other areas of the festival. Look out for the UNG label!


Kungsträdgården is the festival's family area where you can experience cultural activities for children and families. Two stages in the park are filled with circus, dance, music and theatre. In the tent halls by the pond, you can tinker, create and test exciting things. For those of you who want some peace and quiet you can visit the cozy Bokbussen (The Book bus). During the evening, Kungsträdgården is transformed into a public park when various dance bands take the stage to brighten up the late summer evening with music to really rock out to.

Karl XII:s torg

Karl XII's torg is located in the southern part of Kungsträdgården. During the day you can come here and learn a new dance. When the sun starts to set, we laugh into the night together with stand up. Is it raining? There is a ceiling here!

Gustav Adolfs torg

The festival's largest stage is located at Gustav Adolfs torg with the magnificent Royal Opera as its backdrop. Here you will experience spectacular concerts with an incredible line-up, day and night.


Norrbro is a bridge located between the Royal Palace and Gustav Adolfs torg, and this year’s expanded food and drink area. Norrbro will be filled with a range of delicious food and drink and is definitely the place to go to satisfy your hunger and thirst.


Skeppsbron is a picturesque quay and street near the Royal Palace and the place where you find the second largest stage of the festival. Here you will enjoy jazz, rap, world music and everything in between. Expect exciting meetings and a wonderful festival hangout by the water.